Our Story


After working multiple 9 to 5 jobs behind a cubicle for 2 decades, we decided enough was enough. There is something charming about corporate culture, but the daily grind can wear away at your self-worth. We knew we had to do something bigger and the first step would be to remove ourselves from this bubble we have been in.         

In mid-2015, we left the corporate world for good and started our journey to a more fulfilling life. The initial shock was amazing! We saw the world in a completely different light and it was at this point that we realized that if we try hard enough, we could truly help change the world!

 It was refreshing and exciting, but also intimidating. The early days of our business were challenging times, which taught us many lessons. But, working alongside each other gave us the will and power to move forward and live our American dream! We knew we could not give up!

After six months of intense research and hard work, smartYOU Products was born and we made it our mission to bring the best premium lifestyle products to a smarter generation of health-conscious and eco-friendly families like ours.

Today, it is because of the support of our fans and loyal customers that we have been able to successfully grow our business from our humble beginnings. We are more and more passionate about our goals of researching and manufacturing the very best and innovative products possible and to share them with the world. We stand by our products and are committed to your satisfaction!

Welcome to our smartYOU family!

Be Smart, Be Healthy, Be You!

Adam & Kathy